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Impacts of change glow for 100 families with solar light in their homes.  It's the simple things that catch your breath since the delivery of lights in January. 

Tumaini Tutor School never closes. Our teaches are available 6 days a week providing education and guidance to orphaned children.  Our 7 teachers, 4 women, and 3 men teach, mentor, and serve as important life role models for students.  

Tanzanian public schools totally closed for 4 months in Spring 2020 but have otherwise maintained a regular schedule. Students are required to wear masks. A small number of vaccinations began in August 2021, but teachers and families are not yet vaccinated.

Women’s Fish Business Expanded. Nutritious & Delicious Options!
Their "new technology" of solar drying fish means less hunger and better nutrition, taste, and storage than traditional open-air drying.

Refrigeration is not available in the developing world where fish, extremely perishable, play a major role in nutrition and economics. The COVID pandemic increased food poverty in the developing world, and this is helping.

Shoes deliver health, education, and self-esteem. This "Borrow as You Grow" Lending Library for school shoes makes school shoes available to Tumaini Tutor students. 

You provide a safe place for vulnerable women and children to gather and grow. With your help our new learning space is completed and buzzing with activity. The new space is open-air wonderful, both cool in the heat and dry in the rain. Your continued support means our 170 Tumaini Tutor students are surpassing national norms for school...

Health & Hope Foundation volunteers and local sponsors hosted families and athletes ages 1 to 73 to a morning of family, fitness, and fun.  

“I thank our At-Home Volunteers from the tips of my toes. Your care and compassion are changing lives and making a difference. Because of you, one smile at a time, the world becomes better.” Thank you, Loree Bolin, Director. We are a family that volunteers together. Three years ago, we signed up to volunteer for an...

You saw the need. You took action to address the problem. Health & Hope Foundation donors are thoughtful and generous. With your help, the goal to provide 100 families with solar light was met and exceeded. You delivered bright, clean, renewable, and safe solar light to students, households, and women’s workplaces. Solar lights bring health...

Thanks to donors, teachers, students, and their guardians a wonderful new challenge was created! With donor help, the most disadvantaged children are receiving education and tools to go and to stay in school. In 2020 there were 10.1 million Tanzanian children enrolled in primary, but only 2.2 million in secondary school. (World Bank 2020) Every...

Your Contributions Have Made an Important Impact

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