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The solution is you.

Your gifting helps bring a circle of properity  to create a lasting change.

"I care for my orphaned grandchildren. This life was a struggle for food, sickness, and a safe place to live. This big burden has been lifted from me.

I received the great gift to start a fruit-selling business.  Now we eat fresh fruit at home and have income too! 

My grandchildren are now healthy and smart. They attend the free classes at Health & Hope Tutor School.  They love school. I am a happy and proud grandmother.  My grandchildren will be the first in our family to learn beyond primary grades.! "   Editha G., age 72.


Gifting can potentially help to alleviate poverty in many ways.

Direct aid: Gifting provides access to healthcare, education, food, and other necessities directly to those in need providing them with much-needed resources and support.

Economic stimulation: Providing start-up support to businesses through loans and grants can help to stimulate economic activity and creates job opportunities.

Empowerment: Giving gifts that support long-term well-being, such as education or job training, can empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty and improve their economic circumstances.

Social connections: Gifting can help to strengthen social connections and create a sense of community, providing a supportive network for those who are struggling with poverty. Strong functional networks are formed when women mutually support each other in business and with shared domestic responsibilities.

Why does this matter?

 Efforts to alleviate poverty will help to improve the well-being and quality of life for those who are affected by it, and can also contribute to the overall prosperity and stability of a society.  For these reasons, reducing poverty and promoting economic opportunity can be an important goal for individuals, communities, and governments.



Your Contributions Have Made an Important Impact

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