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Water Safety & Education

Test & Treat Water

Research, teach and share knowledge for water safety.  

EC-Kit (“EC” for E.coli)  is a field microbiology water test kit for community health research, healthcare, and disaster relief teams in the developing world.  Testing is easy to use and teach allowing communities to continue water safety monitoring.  The bacterial marker chosen is E. coli because of its rapid cell division which leads to testing results in 24 hours.

Health & Hope Foundation assumed the role of EC-Kit assembly and distribution from MIT University Water Engineer Department.  The kit combines the IDEXX Colilert Test for E. coli in water, with 3M Petrifilm for the quantitative presence of E.coli.  The 24-hour body temperature incubation of samples inside a fabric belt eliminates the electrical incubation. 

Water Test Kit

EC-Kit Includes:
25 IDEXX Colilert Tests, 3M Petrifilms (1 pack), Whirl-Pak bags, sterile wrapped pipettes
UV (backlight) handheld lamp/ batteries, insulated cooler/ ice packs, incubation belt, practice kit, teaching supplies 
EC-Kit Price is  $225.00 (less postage)                     

Water Treatment Kit

MSR / Global Health SE200 Community Chlorine Maker

The SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker is changing how citizens in low-resource communities around the world are creating safe drinking water. In five minutes, with just the push of a button, it creates chlorine with water, salt, and electricity. Each batch produces enough chlorine to make 200 liters of water that’s safe to drink. Water can be treated in home containers, wells, water trucks, and other common sources. Small, portable, and easily mastered, it requires only salt brine and solar or wired electricity, or a 7V or car battery. Most importantly, it allows families, leaders, and entrepreneurs to control their supply of safe drinking water.

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