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Healthcare Outreach Tanzania 2023

Caring and sharing to impact lives is our passion.

The results of this Outreach surpassed our expectations.

We were invited into the lives, homes, well-being, and futures of these Massai families. 

Our 11 US Health & Hope healthcare volunteers, 3 HHF Tanzanian Representatives, and 4 student interpreters joined the team of the Selela Dispensary to enhance and supplement healthcare services they can not provide.

Hundreds of guests from 5 months to 92 years arrived from long distances to receive important care and advice. 


Vision Care Much Appreciated -  255 patients treated

There is no access to vision care, which was our busiest department. Glasses are made to order onsite. 210 sunglasses were given to those with cataract formation or light sensitivity. Referrals were provided for cataract surgeries.  Sadly, this is an economic impossibility for most. 

Opportunity to Prevent Cervical Cancer  -    77 women screened

Here, cervical cancer rates and related deaths are high for women. PAP tests and HPV vaccines are uncommon. However, visual screening with magnification is effective. Of 77 women, 4 were referred for immediate surgery, and 8 for yearly follow-up. Birth control was used by only 28% of women and 75% had female genital cutting. As a result, we have initiated a women-led community education program provided by our Maasai physician Dr. Grace Mbario of Nainokanoka. 

Keeping Smiles Bright and Comfy - 174 villages provided care

Dental exams, cleaning, or treatment are not available. Surgical relief of dental pain was provided for 174 people plus some fun toothbrushing activities too! 

Medical Care for Every BODY - 305 patients cared for

The Selela Dispensary team (1 MD, 1 midwife, and support staff ) provides quality basic medical care, maternity/delivery care, and childhood vaccines. The addition of our 2 Health & Hope physicians impacted both the numbers and the scope of care they were able to provide to hundreds of patients in need. 

"Selela" is "clean water" in the Maasai language. So naturally, we tested it.

 Water from both the community water pipe and Dispensary tap tested very high for E.coli.  Dr. Abdul Maliki (left), Dispensary staff, and area leaders learned to treat water using the  Community Chlorine Maker, SE 200, donated by Health & Hope Foundation. 

Wahoo!!  Keep Girls in Action in School and Sports - 625 girls provided menstrual kits! 

Washable menstrual kits were delivered to the hands of many joyous secondary school girls in Selela. Kits were left for additional girls when they return to school in the fall.  Many thanks to our volunteer sewing and package teams from the Northwest US!

Complete Clinic Reports here: 



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