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Celebration of Gratitude  

Tanzania education

 As 2023 draws to a close we celebrate you and the impacts and achievements your generosity makes possible both at home and abroad. 

Thank you for sharing our vision of a world where all children can learn, rise, and thrive, impoverished families have access to healthcare, and gain options for economic opportunity.  

Anastasia, age 12, attends Tumaini Tutor. She captures how her life has been lifted.  "I thank you. You helped me with my chance to learn. Now, I attend school. Before I did not have this chance. I passed my exams well. My dream is to do better. My life is full of joy."


Thank you for playing a pivotal role in our growth and impact this year. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season filled with the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Celebration and PARTY TIME! 

Tumaini students celebrate achievements with a Year-End Party/Talent Show! 

Students had an opportunity to ride a bus, enjoy a meal of rice and beans, as well as produce and perform in their own Talent Show.

These kids have some moves! Their show was spectacular.  Solo and group performances of songs, dances, poems, and dramatic plays filled the evening. 

Tumaini students and teachers were all cheered and presented with awards to acknowledge the achievement of each individual.

Student awards were presented  for: 

  • Academic Achievement
  •  Leadership
  • Achievement in Sports 
  •  Certificate of Participation in Scouts 
  • Certificate of Accomplishment in English Language 

Certificates of Appreciation were given to our teachers. 

Lights for Learning   Over 90% of Tumaini Tutor students live without electricity. Dark comes early at the equator. Without solar light, student study options are either candles or kerosene. Both are smokey, irritating, and dangerous. 

"My solar lamp makes all the difference in my future success. With solar, I feel comfortable and confident. Before my solar, it was the dim candle, sore eyes, and always the terrible fear I could not finish my studies before the candle was melted."  Happiness S., age 17.

Each $50 provides a Family Solar Light System .  Donations Matched thru January 1, 2024

Give Lights for Learning Online : Health & Hope Foundation                                

Do more than dream..... Do.                 Thank you for what YOU do.

Your Contributions Have Made an Important Impact

  • Women in Business


  • Children Educated Annually


  • Patients Treated


  • Meals Provided Annually


Thank you to our friends in the community:

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