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Water Safety & Education

Be an ambassador for safe water.


In developing countries, 80% of all illnesses are water-borne diseases, with diarrheal diseases the leading cause of childhood death.

Communities are provided simple tools and education to test their water sources for safety and chlorinate unsafe water at the point of collection or use. 

Family drinking water is collected from lakes, rivers, ponds, boreholes, and pumps. Without regular pump maintenance, once safe pumped water can have the same level of disease as found in other natural sources.

Water Test Kit and Education

In Community Water Workshops, village leaders learn to test water sources for safety, read 24-hour test results, and to treat unsafe water. Participants learn how bacteria, so tiny they can’t be seen, are able to rapidly multiply overnight to cause disease.

EC-Kit, (“EC” for E.coli), is a simple, reliable field microbiology water test that can use body temperature rather than requiring a laboratory incubation.

Point of Use Chlorination 

Water sources with bacterial counts that are unsafe to drink are chlorinated at the point of collection or use. 

MSR / Global SE 200 Community Chlorination System is easy to use and requires only water, salt, and electricity (7 Volt motorcycle battery or solar cell ) to create concentrated chlorine.  This is diluted giving ideal chlorination to family water jugs or community water supplies.   

Chemistry class!

The miracle of watching as hydrogen gas floats out of the beaker as regular salt in water, plus energy creates a Chlorine concentrate.  Two teaspoons of concentrate added to a 20L container will clean the container and create safe, tasty water.  

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