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Tumaini Tutor School

Free Tutor School for Vulnerable Children

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Attending public school is not always easy. An orphaned or vulnerable child’s access to education and opportunity is limited, continuing the cycle of poverty.  Let’s change that.

A girl may be needed to work at home, or a boy to support his family.  Families are responsible for school transportation, supplies, uniforms, exams fees, often teacher pay, and other costs which all escalate after primary school.  

Tumaini Tutor School – Mwanza, Tanzania

Collage of photos: 1. group of children in the classroom 2. a teacher teaching students in his classroom 3. a teacher teaching in an outdoor classroom.

Tumaini (Tu ma ee nee) is Swahili for “hope and optimism for a good future”

Orphaned and vulnerable children receive free tutored education 6 days a week at Tumaini Tutor School.  Since 2012, Tumaini Tutor has grown from 25 to 200 as children ages 4 to18 who attend pre-primary, primary, and secondary classes. These most disadvantaged children exceed national averages for both school retention and pass rates. Tumaini is a second home with teachers as supportive mentors and role models. 

Tumaini Tutor School extras include a computer lab, lending library, English, Debate, and Vocational Clubs, as well as bicycles so students can learn to ride.   Students are active in water safety testing and treatment, sharing knowledge about safe and unsafe water sources with the community. 

In 2022, to break a barrier preventing Tumaini students' access to public school education, a "Uniform Lending Library" was formed. This provides Tumaini Tutor students with public school uniforms and shoes to borrow as they grow. 

Student Sponsorship Program

Tumaini Tutor students who can not afford to go to public school are matched with a Scholarship Sponsor.  Many children are waiting to be sponsored.  Invest in the future by offering a Tumanin Tutor student the opportunity to attend public school too! 

Tumaini Tutor Nutrition Program

Help break a cycle of poverty. Provide energy to learn, educational success, and improved health.

Underfed students ages 3-9 receive a nutritious Tumaini Tutor School each day.  Nutrition boosts attendance and pass rates.  Students don't want to miss the yummy meal and the extra food for their child encourages mothers and guardians to choose school over domestic duties.

Typical home nutrition is a bowl of rice and beans daily. Tumaini Tutor adds balanced nutrition with egg, fruit, baked good, and finger millet/ enhanced sorghum porridge.  We purchase the food from Health & Hope Women’s Business Groups, closing a circle of sustainable community wellness. 

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